Sports activities

    It is not difficult to keep fit and do sports in Oberstdorf. Here you can find a great deal of information about what the region offers:

    From spring to autumn, you can expect a network of hiking and cycling routes measuring over 200 km with scenic routes and many variations. The clear signage system provides guests with detailed information about the route, distance, duration and difficulty.

    It is above all the diversity of the Allgäu Alps that makes the mountains so unique! The Allgäu High Alps are thus the most species-rich mountains in Germany!

    Oberstdorf is an outstanding starting point, especially for mountain biking tours. Guided mountain biking tours are offered by some of the cycling shops – you’re sure to have fun in a group.

    In the international skiing region, Germany’s largest skiing arena, you can not only find varied slopes, but also runs that you can use throughout the season thanks to the latest snow-making equipment.

    Rafting fun and adrenaline kicks while canyoning. Pure exhilaration awaits you on the rivers and ravines near Oberstdorf.